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Why do I ride a Motorcycle?

Picture this:

It's 4.30PM on a Friday before a Bank Holiday.

You climb into your nice safe 4 wheeled tin box and head for home.

You only had 25 miles to cover but due to all the lemmings towing their caravans to the coast plus the fact that the farmers are having a 'how long can I get the tailback' competition. You're still no nearer home 30 minutes later.

Now Picture this:

Instead of climbing into your tin box you climb onto your trusty Motorcycle, be it the latest crotch rocket or a reliable old nail you've been riding for years.

You have the same distance to cover and the same horrendous traffic ahead of you. But due to the fact that you are now on a very slim and maneuverable vehicle you whiz passed the traffic and leave all the dead heads behind. 30 minutes later you are home, unstressed, relaxed and possibly having a cool one.

OK so in the winter it's cold and when it rains you get a little wet. But if you wear the right gear you can stay reasonably warm and dry.

Also some say that it is a dangerous pastime. Ok it is, but no more so than swimming in the sea or mowing the grass and less so than riding a bicycle. But if you've undergone some training to prepare you for life on the road and you keep your eyes open for stupid people, animals and suicidal blind drivers, as well as riding within the limits of your bike, your skill and the road conditions, you will survive. But remember you Will fall or get knocked off eventually so wear the right gear and a helmet, I can testify to this last piece of advice as wearing a helmet has saved my life on 3 occasions.  But I still ride a Bike because it's a lot more fun than being stuck in a tailback in a car on a hot day.

So now having got this far you want to try it out?

What bike to chose? Well any will do. I started on a Honda C50 (it's best to learn on something that won't break when you fall off). Having passed my test I then progressed to bigger bikes.

But what is the best, I hear you say. Well anything that has 2 wheels and can keep up with (or ahead of) the traffic. Be it the latest Race Rep, Cruiser, Retro, Classic, Scooter, Chop or Rat Bike they're all fun to ride in their own way.

So why are you still reading this?

Go out and try it.


Want to know more about Bikes? then follow these Links.

Visit the BMF website Visit the MAG website

If you ride a bike in the UK you should belong to one of these organizations.

There are those out there (especially in the EU) who would like to put a crimp on our right to ride.

Don't let them!

So don't just sit there do something!