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This was my first real bike

1975 Triumph Bonneville 750 T140V

This was the first bike I bought after I'd passed my test. It was the Bike to be seen on at the time. 750cc's, twin carbs and a top speed of 120mph. For an outdated design it works quite well, but they need looking after. Due to the engine design dating back to the 1940's it requires Regular oil changes to keep it reliable (I've fitted an external filter and a Morgo pump to mine). Replacing the points ignition with an electronic unit is also recommended (I use a Lucas Rita unit).

When Looked after they make a great bike. Here we are packed up and ready to go to the IoM in 1979. The bike has had a few modifications by then. A Lucas Rita ignition unit, Freeflow air filters and a Campbell Geometric exhaust system have been fitted.

Here we are again packed up and ready to go to a rally at Whitby in about 1976

In fact I've still got mine, it gets used regularly and has now covered 255,648 miles.

By now it's been heavily modified, mainly due to the original parts wearing out. The main modification is the fitting of a Nourish Racing 8 Valve conversion.  The difference this made to the performance was so great that I had to alter the gearing and fit heavy duty chain. If you're wondering about the comstar front wheel.   Well For a while I had a sidecar attached and due to my riding style the spokes in the front wheel kept breaking. So I fitted the Honda wheel, problem solved for a tenner.

Not a pretty solution, but it works.

At this momemt in time it's undergoing some modification and repair. I hope to have it back on the road some time in the future!.