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Harley Riders Out & About


The following photos where taken outside Lincoln Cathedral during publicity shoot for the Make A Wish Foundation.

Escorting the Van out of Lincoln

(it was a bugger riding at 5mph over those cobbles!).

Some pictures taken during the Sherwood tour of Scotland

In the carpark at Gatehouse of Fleet, with the town crier to see us off

Julie & me having a laugh

At the Devil's Beef Tub

At Croy Brae

I can't remember where this one was taken but we're all there, apart from Steve who took the photo.

This tour of western Scotland was one of the best I've been on. The roads were quiet, the locals friendly and the scenery fantastic, as was the food and drink.


That's all for now but there will be more.

If you Know me and/or have a photo that you would like to share with everyone send it to Me and I'll post it up (no porny ones please).

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