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As the title suggests here you will find pictures of some of the biggest piles of crap ever to be labeled as motorcycles.

This is Crap

Here is one of the worst bikes ever made the CZ125. It's horrible to ride (it makes a tinny ring ding noise) and even worse to maintain. I'm sure they made the gearbox out of plasticine.

This may be Crap

Here's another European pile (as requested by Paul) the MZ TS125. There are those of you out there who love MZ's but I'm not one of them.


The Yamaha XS250

This bike has major faults, it is grossly underpowered (the 400 was not much better) and if you didn't use it for more than a week it would not start. This then required a complete strip of the carbs. Not the kind of thing you need at 7 o clock on a Monday morning.

Terrible, worst bike ever

Ariel Pixie

Yet another world beater. This 50cc moped failed to set the world alight in 1963. Another nail in Ariel's coffin.

If you have any suggestions for other crap bikes please E-mail me.